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    Metal Stamping Procss: Blanking, Piercing, Bend or Multiple Bend Forming, Draw Forming Metal Coining & Swaging
    Metal Stamping Materials:Stainless Steel Metal Stamping, Titanium Metal Stamping, Aluminum Metal Stamping, Steel & Cold Rolled Steel Metal Stamping, Nickel, Phosphor Bronze, Brass, & Precious Metals
    Secondary operation: Nickel/silver/gold plating. Polishing ,galvanization zinc,
    chromeplate, powder costing, powder paint
    Lead time of the metal stamping mould :30days
    Brand Name: Oriens metal stamping
    Custom manufactured according to customer's drawings or samples
China zinc plating carbon steel pallet collar hinge in stock
China custom reusable oem metal crate clip
metal crate clamp for wooden box crate steel box spring clip
oem fabrication stamping galvanized steel sheets
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