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What are the advantages of sheet metal processing mode?

Dec 23,2021

     The new sheet metal processing mode uses data analysis and organization of production, allocates idle production resources more reasonably, improves production efficiency, and realizes mass customized production at a lower cost. Next, the sheet metal manufacturer-Aihao Metal Products Factory will tell you what are the advantages of the new sheet metal processing mode?

       At present, most domestic sheet metal processing plants are still labor-intensive, with low levels of automation, informatization and intelligence, relatively isolated production management systems, and scattered and opaque data. With the shortage of labor supply and rising costs, the cost and efficiency of production are facing huge challenges, and it has been unable to meet the trend of small batch customization. In contrast, the smart factory emphasizes the integration of the MES system on the basis of a unified information management system within the enterprise, planning, scheduling, and production to achieve a high degree of matching between people and equipment, and can perform real-time monitoring and data collection of the entire production process. Through data analysis and organization of production, idle production resources are allocated more reasonably, production efficiency is improved, and mass customized production is realized at a lower cost.

       According to the most data, the new sheet metal processing mode mainly has the following characteristics and advantages:

       Mainly adopt closed-loop control of automated production.

       Production equipment is easier to maintain.

       The operation of the entire production line is highly automated.

       Greatly improve the safety and reliability of the entire production.

       Advanced information management technology also helps strengthen the management of sheet metal processing workshops and personnel.

       As the sheet metal manufacturing industry involves all aspects, automation and intelligence are a general trend in a wide range of fields. Therefore, relevant companies should adopt different models in sheet metal processing services. However, when traditional sheet metal processing companies are compared with companies that adopt new production models with a high degree of automation and informatization, there are many obvious lags behind traditional processing procedures and management models. For example: time-consuming, laborious, prone to safety accidents, low utilization rate of raw materials, slow production speed and a series of problems.